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Crypto trading doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Astreobot gives you all the tools and information you need for day-to-day trading, while also keeping a section for deeper market analysis.

What is AstreoBot? How does it work?

AstreoBot is a cryptocurrency trading bot, with a very simple and intuitive interface that will allow you to become an expert trader, even if you are a beginner. You can easily configure exchanges, currencies and buying and selling strategies, looking for the best options until you find your own style. You can see open trades and transactions (complete buy-sales cycles) with your earnings. You can also see at any time how the bot thinks and what is waiting to happen in the market to work.

Is it safe to operate with AstreoBot?

AstreoBot is a link between you and your exchange, operating with your coins according to your settings. Your coins are only in your exchange and they are not stored in AstreoBot. As we do not require withdrawal rights, in the unfortunate event that your installation is compromised by hackers, your funds will be safe.

how much can I earn? Is it guaranteed?

In a market as volatile as cryptocurrencies, profit can’t be guaranteed since it depends not only on your strategies and settings but also on market conditions. We recommend you research the best currencies, strategies and the state of the market to maximize your profit!

Is it easy to configure AstreoBot?

Yes! We can guide you through the process of installing the bot. From there, you will only have to connect with your exchange, choose the base currency and a strategy. The settings explain what each option does and they all have proper default values. We are always available to help you if you have any doubts, and we have Telegram groups in English and Spanish to chat about the bot.

Why choose AstreoBot?

We created AstreoBot so we wouldn’t have to choose between earning money or enjoying life. And now you too can have both. Go out for a walk, spend time with your children or read a nice book and let AstreoBot invest and make money for you.

Choose AstreoBot, enjoy your life and make money your way.

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Supported exchanges

Binance Exchange
Bitfinex Exchange
Bittrex Exchange
HitBTC Exchange
KuCoin Exchange
Poloniex Exchange

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