Create KuCoin API key

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If you already have a Kucoin account, you can generate the API Key:

  1. Log in with your user and password to Kucoin.
  2. Click on Account.
  3. Then press the menu item called API Keys. You can also use this URL:
  4. Click on Create.
  5. Complete the following information:
    • Password: complete your Kucoin password.
    • Verify security question: Select the question originally chosen and answer it.
    • Please input Google 2-Step verification code: Set your 2FA token.
    • Press Submit.
  6. Kucoin will send an email to your account. Click on Confirm button.
  7. The email will be verified.
  8. Go to Account > API Keys. You will find your new Key and Secret.
  9. Edit the Key and set Remark as AstreoBot.
  10. Make sure the permissions are as follow:
    • Read information: set as Checked
    • Trading authority: set as Checked
    • Withdraw authority: set as Unchecked. Do NOT give AstreoBot Withdrawal rights.
  11. Kucoin will ask you for email confirmation if permissions need to be modified.
  12. Now you have your Key and Secret.
IMPORTANT: Kucoin will only show you the Secret for 30 minutes after creation. Make sure to write it down along with the Key. You will need both of them to set up Kucoin in AstreoBot.