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Download and install AstreoBot

AstreoBot is a multiplatform tool, which can operate on a VPS or desktop PC with Windows, Linux or MacOS. It can also work in a Raspberry card. It is advisable to install it on a VPS or a computer that is always switched on and with continuous internet connectivity, so that AstreoBot can execute purchases and sales without interruptions.

Download and install following these instructions depending on your operating system:

Run AstreoBot

To start working with AstreoBot, run the executable file called astreobot-gui, and open the following URL in a browser in the same system: http://localhost:3000

Now you have to log in with the password changeme.

IMPORTANT: Go to Settings > Profile and set your own password.

Activate license

Go to Settings > License. Click on Edit and add the key sent by mail when completing your order. Click on Save.

Create your exchange API Key

Before starting, you have to create an API Key for AstreoBot in the exchange or exchanges of your preference, with the following instructions:
IMPORTANT: Most exchanges will only show you the Secret once. Make sure to write it down along with the Key. You will need both of them to set up your exchange in AstreoBot.

Enable your exchange

Once you have your API key and Secret, follow the steps given in Configure exchanges page.

Configure your symbols (pairs)

Now it’s time to tell AstreoBot which pairs of symbols you want it to work with. Read the instructions given in Configure symbols (pairs) to do so.

Configure your notifications

AstreoBot interface has its own notifications, but as you may not always be in front of the screen, you can configure notifications to be sent directly to your phone vía Telegram or through a Pushover notification. You can find more about it in Configure notifications.

Enable AstreoBot

Just go to your Dashboard, and make sure you have everything enabled:
  • AstreoBot is enabled
  • Buying in enabled
  • Selling is enabled

Now you are ready: enjoy your life and make money your way.