For those getting started


50% DISCOUNT. 0.090 ฿

  • Lifetime license
  • 1 exchange
  • Unlimited pairs
  • Support


For master traders


70% DISCOUNT. 0.450 ฿

  • Lifetime license
  • All exchanges
  • Dynamic Double Up
  • Unlimited pairs
  • Support

Frequently asked questions

Which plan is the best for me?

We offer you several licenses to choose from. The right plan will depend on the number of exchanges with which you want to operate, the strategies, etc. If you do not decide, you can opt for the Start plan and then change to a larger plan. It is very simple!

Can I upgrade at any time?

Yes, whenever you want. You just have to contact us and we will guide you. You will only pay the difference between your current license and the new one.

What are the payment methods?

We only accept Bitcoin as our payment method.

Are the prices refundable?

No, they aren’t. We offer a 7-day free trial so you can test its features, so once you have purchased a license, the funds cannot be refunded.

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